What It Means to Be a Girl


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A girl once contemplated
What it means to be loved,
What it means to be valued,
What it means–
to be a girl

She turned to her boyfriend,
He said “You are mine.”
He said I love you,
as he gave her a rose.
He said she was pretty,
as he looked at her mini-skirt.
He said she was valuable
until she said NO!

She turned to her dad
He said “You are apple of my eye.”
He said I love you,
as he carried her through.
He said she was beautiful,
as he looked at her smile.
He said He was proud of her,
and didn’t want to let go.

She turned to her Father
He said “You are my Beloved,”
He said I love you, as he showed her His nail scarred hands
He said she was beautiful
As He looked at her heart
He said she was fearfully and wonderfully made
And precious in His sight.

As the girl thought
about the answers she received,
She realized
Her boyfriend loved her
To use and abuse.
Her dad loved her
To care and protect.
Her Father loved her,

To complete and fulfill
So much that He died for her.
Then she realized what it means

To be a girl.

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