The Way I Feel About Pain



Every day I feel nothing but pain,

The pain I feel is hurting me inside,

It feels like it’s eating my soul alive,

This pain is becoming ten times worse,

Making me feel like my life is nothing but a curse.

When people ask me “Are you okay?”

I look right at them and lie to their face,

Parents think I’m going insane,

When I starve myself for several days.

I know I’ll never be accepted in this world,

I will forever be the sad, broken- hearted girl,

Pain is all I know and feel,

How much longer do I have to live?

Every day I search for an escape,

I try to relieve all of this pain,

My only escape is through poetry,

Only then do I feel at ease.

The real me is being held captivate by pain,

Sadly she is slowly fading away,

She tries to hold back all her tears,

She’s been held captivate for seventeen long years.

Slowly I’m starting to realize,

That I’m stuck with pain for the rest of my life,

I don’t know how much more I can take,

Before I take my own life away,

Then I guess the real me will be set free,

I really wish I would die today,

Or at least have a little break.

All I want is to show people the real me,

I just want to be as happy as bee,

I’m tired of show them the fake me,

I blame it all on the pain indeed.

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