wanting to say

Where do I begin?

Well to start off with; we, students, are not typically morning people

So our brains cannot absorb everything

Give us a break when it is the morning

We came to school didn’t we?

And our brains need a break once in a while

So do not expect us to memorize everything within the time period of ten seconds

But we are pretty smart you know, just stubborn is all

So give us a little credit

Sometimes all we need is motivation

Having our goals set low makes us believe we cannot achieve anything beyond that

And believe it or not those who you underestimate the most have the most potential

Just remember that there is more beneath the surface

Also please don’t put us too sleep by talking a lot

We know that you are just checking is we understand

So if we say yes the first time asked do not ask us five more times

And just because you did not have enough sleep or you are having a bad day does not mean that you have to take it out on us

If you are honest we will understand

And words of advice do not say that you did something for us, when you did it to make your job easier

And to the best teachers

Well thank you

Words cannot describe how appreciative we are

And to the teachers that we are not a fan of

Stop lying to yourselves

And do not take the easy way out

We can tell whether you think we are worth it or not

And we only dislike you because we thought that you were the one who did like us in the first place

Get to know us and our names

If throughout the school you still do not seem to know our names it makes us feel bad

Just do not think so little of us




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