Waning Time

Adolescent so close to Metamorphosis,
Yet so far from reality.
Driven by waning time,
For time cannot be conquered.
‘Tis passing, but my mental state,
It was not;
I was stuck on dreams that would never come true;
dreams of prosperity and happiness,
Dreams of an easy ride;
A bird course into a future of education.

Time begins to fade,
And I am faced with the truth.
Life will never be as simple as now,
And now is not that simple.
I see the future,
The wilting glowers on their stems,
The wings of a butterfly as thin as a moth.
That is my skin; my protection waning as is my ethereal time

I know the future now;
Know that life will go on
That I will be alone to face what others have before me
I don’t believe I am ready.
What is a future if I don’t believe in myself?
'Tis my future; bittersweet and filled with mistakes.
Can I handle them,
Or will I be as deluded as before?

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