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being pregnant as a teen is not right teen girls need to be in school being bright why not wait til you get married because YOU have to deal with that baby you carried
I was a mistake They didn't mean for me to be here They had tried to use protection They had tried to take care But Daddy screwed up and it was broken And Mommy's test was pink
My Child If I shall have a daughter, I’ll tie a rainbow in her hair.
as i feel you leave my body i begin to cry. the pain is unbearable knowing you are rotting in me. as my stomach contracts i weep, i dont want you to die. i want you here with me.
We didn't think it would happen to us, We thought we had it all under control, yet we knew it was a possibilty...   Oh! how dumb and naive were we, We didn't think,  We were stuck in that moment and 
You hear the words and you smell the cologne It draws you deep because you don't want to be alone. His words are like the calm wind in the spring He just wants sex; Your heart doesn't mean a thing.
A Life Never Lived I hear them quarrel About my life So cold and immorel Words like a knife   The truth is ungloved
 for once I want to walk into school with a peaceful mind for once I don't want to be judged all the time  for once I don't want to lose a friend, or hear of a murder down the street for once I want people to open their eyes and hearts that are ma
it was an unfair night what "it" did wasnt right a laugh a minute a scream the next why is this reality this unwanted sex? locked up in a jeep with "it" breathing down on me at a party
(poems go here) I wonder If I was ever lead to you if pathways would hold us hostage when we threw the towel in empty laundry bins let them soak between our desperate hearts I wonder if mistakes like these should be forgiven
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