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United States
38° 14' 57.7068" N, 122° 2' 23.9892" W

What would you describe faith to be?

would it be a feeling?

Maybe an emotion, an action,

or is faith a THING?

I see faith to be something unseen,

It's like walking blindfolded,

waiting patiently for His timing.


You're unable to see what's about to happen,

or in other words, not going to happen.

You follow whole heartedly,

and exclusively in Jesus Christ.

Its where you become selfless, and humble,

you begin to understand who HE is,

you initate His peace.


Your old worries are no longer active,

but the desires of Christ stand firm.

Your actions begin to demostrate

the words written in that rugged book,

laying upon your dresser with sticky notes

coming from every crease,

and wrinkle of the soft golden pages.


Maybe Faith is a thing;

it's an emotion, an action,

it's a feeling....

It's truly submitting to a God





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