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I want to speak one more Language That everybody can easily speak Same as our food and the beverage If not, it means, we are weak  
We think we are grand, do we not? So did those bygone species I’m sure. The colossal and the modest alike, for which time inevitably granted an end. 
Dear ETs, I’m sorry, I cannot find a way To bring myself to fully answer your question Regarding humanity’s ending passage of days;
I often reflect on simpler times in my life. While attending my elite private school on financial aid, my 10-year-old self would buy candy at the CVS and resell it on the playground to my classmates for a profit.
I learned the word animosity in 2016 Because the word is thrown around carelessly Whether it be in the news or in discussion This word is used to describe the world currently   This word is new to me
We're spreading the odors Name calling like ogers  World full of freeloaders  Bloaters  Sugar coaters  Quickly speeding others gears  Like motors  She's a true devoter  Motivater 
This estranged lump of earth softens underfoot with thoughts of their compassions For I was once among them and knew their truths Oh that mortal virtue!    
Close your
Heated Upset Not Happy All the product of problems Jay-Z says he has 99 This bitch has too many to count   no, not like real life problems
What blame does a color hold For its mere existence Why can’t it be paroled From chains of cruel resistance What harm has faith instilled
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