Unfinished Thoughts

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Listen I loved you,  I love you.  The light in your eyes seemed to fill my empty space.  You were there for everything.  You were my everything. I tried to be strong and say you could leave. 
Today is my last day of my high school career. In two days I will walk across a grand stage and cross into young adulthood. With this impending event Is a feeling of numbness that I can't really describe.
My thoughts are indescribable. Words and phrases and sentences, paragraphs and ideas all mixed into one square box of nothing. Scrambled with cheese from the dairy of other people because they don't know when to
If I were a bird I'd perch on apartment windows. listen to sweet small talk and lustful conversation. I'd fly close to the sea for moments to challenge my amateur wings. By day roam the cities.
Seeds in a towering woodland, All my thoughts are lost. Waiting for me to understand, But at what cost?
I woke up on the kitchen floor Lying in a heap I wipe away sleep Mornings like these I’d much rather weep Linoleum is tiresome and cold to my cheek
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