being young and confused

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My brain is in knots and no answers will be untiedThe key is far gone, as well as the knifeIm just on pause hoping to figure out my lifeTrying and trying to figure out the answer that’s right
I don’t know why I sit and wait for your attention or why my heart is so pure that I can’t actually admit how upset I get when I don’t talk to you. it sucks.
PredestinationThank you “Predestination” For being the beginning of my trans presentation.Going through each slide Is a wonder itself. It’s like taking a ride With Elf on the Shelf. Jane to John and many more,Except my st
Listen I loved you,  I love you.  The light in your eyes seemed to fill my empty space.  You were there for everything.  You were my everything. I tried to be strong and say you could leave. 
I can't make a decision, without my parents telling me I'm Wrong. I've almost lost my best friend over a boy. I'm Confused. Who am I anymore? I'm  Lost.
I am young and inexperienced I make mistakes I am unsure of the world and all its inhabitants they say its normal and I will grew with time but I feel that I will be always be young
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