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It'll be hard I'll have you know You'll play your card And maybe you'll glow The desire to be perfect The road to get there It may not connect But it won't be bare Perfect matters not
puddles reflect many wonders they tales tales that make one ponder but beware for they reflect the present wonders Only oneself can create future wonders Oh puddles you make me ponder
I'm not a hero I am not good like he was But I am alive while he is not   There is nothing like the guilt I feel Guilt that shakes me awake 3 AM   I usually wish to take your place
I didn't understand why girls would cry because their bodies never mesmerized a boy's eyes I didn't understand why the wrists were slit on my friends thin arms
I, ego, none of these is YOU ARE WHAT I SAY cogito ergo sum, NO Multi ergo sunt
A promise broken,You said you would keep me.You said you would stop,Mommy, Daddy can you hear me? A touch from God saved me,
My best friend was the bottle. My brother was the smoke. I lived it up real good Before life caught up and choked Me out of my mind. And now I see That I was killin' myself. Now all that I need
Tossed in the air, how's it gonna fall? sometimes two options are easier than all, but you never really understand, the power is out of your hands I can still hear the sound of the echo
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