The truth I bare

By: Jaiden 


I´ve always been a boy 

I just couldn’t be without getting hurt

Held done in my coffin-like hiding space

Held down by the weight of the chains I bare

The chains I bare not by choice 

Instead by force 

I try to yell I try to scream but the only one who can hear is me 

Finally, someone hears me 

I think he´s here to help but no

What he does is even worse

Worse than the chains

 worse than the coffins

It´s been years but still, I hide back in my box

Where despite the pain 

I’m safer here than out there 

I’ve always been a boy I just couldńt be without getting hurt

A lesson learned long ago 

A lesson in pain and nearly being taken

Taken by the black reach of the darkness of death

So instead I remain hidden away in my own heart 

For if I’m not the girl my body declares I am

I could once again be a victim to the fear of a man who hates what he can´t understand


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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