abuse molestation

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Trigger WarningsThey aren't always easy to avoid. Simple phares"Because you're special"I don't feel special when things happen to me and I don't understand them."But you are"When someone tries to argue back when I ask them not at say that.Trigger
Momma I just wanted to say I forgive you.Even though you've blamed me for everything.To this day you blame me for your boyfriend leaving you all those years ago.how could I've possible stolen your boyfriend away?
[I know the real you]   The person you're supposed to be Wasn't supposed to be hurting me The monster in my closet, The torture I never wanted Believing you will change
He told me it was a game. 
Im. Five. It’s my first time at an airport, Staring in as the metal birds soared above me We boarded the plane. Airplanes are supposed to bring us forward
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