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Does he love me, like I love him? Because- He makes my heart race, At a fast pace.   Does he not know Yet- Does he not see, The type of love I have for him  
She doesn't know. She's completely clueless. If she reaches that low, She'll say, "screw this." What phrase can I say though? I can't tell her my view. She'll throw a fit. That is my cue.
You think you know me You think you can read me You think you see me for me But in reality I hide behind the lies I hide behind your ignorance
Hi Ku! "Haiku?" Who?  "Haiku!" Who's Ku? "Haiku!" You? "Haiku! Words!" What? Who?     
But you do
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
You cannot see the beguiling manner of those people You, an amiable person Them, a people of many faces You run past the boisterous crowds Only aiming to please Behind the false perfection,
  Béyonce you wish you were me, Strutting in my Luis V. You think you're as bad as can be, But hey I got my Céline with me.   Paris made, London born, Baby got that foreign form.
Ahhh... I come into your hot room It's like a sauna in here I look on the board what do i see? A movie yippe!!! But not really You really don't know what to do with your life do you?
You built me up, up to the clouds In my throne, as I looked down At all the faces that stood below Just to keep me as your little girl. Kept me there safe and protected
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