I won’t tell you that i am trapped in a body that isn’t mine

that i was born in the wrong body

because whether i have a chest or a dick

this body is mine


this body is mine and always will be mine

no one else will be able to control it

even though i dont like some of the parts of my body doesn’t mean it’s not mine

there is nothing i can do that will swap my body with another


i’ve spent nights trying to rid myself of this mask covering me

trying to strip myself of this constant costume

trying to unzipper my skin

but i can’t because this skin, costume, mask, body

is all mine, and always will be


people bind and tuck because they aren’t comfortable, 

they are trying to alter their body to better fit their gender

love your body, whether it has a chest or a dick

it’s the only one you’ll ever get


you can be whoever you want in your body

it doesn’t matter what gender everyone is telling you

you are the gender you believe 

gender is what you think not what other people tell you


the body you’ve got is yours

don’t let anyone tell you how to use it or what it should look like

don’t let anyone manipulate your body

make your body look and feel how you want it and flaunt it

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Our world


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