Put that down
You keep saying your not enough
I know being an anomoly is tough
Lone Wolfing through your academic life
With Little to communicate, and you dont think thats right,
Belittling Humans, approaching your feelings, Very Negative
And you find that it is painful and repetitive

You try connecting with your birthers
And Not a sound, but as distant as they are, to them, your not even allowed, so the medicade is what you run to, buf if that doesn't work the silverware will find some way to but in, too

However, your progression syncing through the universe as you age was susscesful, but tough
as a result You find out that it wasnt enough
then you weep every night hoping for a rescue
and think about those times when the world left you

Then you found your tissue, which was the holy one
And everysince then, you feel like you hit a home run
Since your relationship with him you see things different, because your side by side with him and you don't feel distant

Now, you don't have to feel alone, because the power of the son, makes you feel at home

So, since the old man in you is gone, all you have to do is wait for the son to return, so you and him can bond


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My community
My country
Our world
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