Time controls me

My life can be broken down

Into seconds, minutes and hours

Counting away the days, weeks, months and years


In my mind

They remind me of my agony

The silent screams for help and love

A second when it all became clear

I felt lonely in this place here

One day that I went and laid, that day so burned in my brain

That day I died inside

Five weeks it took me to plan

A way to make it all go away

The lonliness and misery all such a tragedy

April it was a month of rebirth

Gone a soul that could no longer fight

Time no longer my enemy

Now someone else will feel my pain

A battle they will have with time

Left with just one thing years filled with minutes and hours

Time to figure out what went wrong and feel the ice where I had belonged

Though it may never go away the feeling will eventually fade

As time controls everything



This poem is about: 
My community


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