you and me

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Another night without your voice  Or words of love or thoughts of wonder Of  what might be if we were free Free to love one another    Another night without your laughter
It is quite a tangled web we weave The dreams intertwined with reality The lies intermittent with honesty The irreverence mixed with piety The rational entwined with insanity
Let me catch your hand Let our smile run across the quay, And so on, until the dawn Takes the night to its prom And a sleepy puppy                             Hides from sun rays.    
the day I met you, was one of the best day of my life, it happened all of a sudden, wihtout any explanation.   I was just a girl, who was sad and alone. with no light in this world,
We carved our future into the starsAnd then sat back and watched them float And boy did they move TwistingLeapingDancing through the night They spoke our lives Only,
My life can be broken down Into seconds, minutes and hours Counting away the days, weeks, months and years Frozen In my mind They remind me of my agony The silent screams for help and love
Has there ever been a time when missing you didn't break me and cause me to sit in the quiet places and wonder why the planet kept turning? Honestly, it's that serious. I'm trying to find the words that mean,
Your sweet, sexy smile. Your kind, sexy voice. Your soft, soft skin. Your amazing, sparkling personality. You.  I am so in love with you. You have stolen my heart, and my daily thoughts. You have helped me back up. 
Ive just been layin here in bed, you're the only thing going thru my head..every little thing about you, all the things i love, all the things you do that just captivate me...
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