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She sits waiting Like a desperate clock She waits, for something good For some good news But that doesn't come   She sits waiting Her life flashing before her
"Youre suppose to be strong."   Im 17 and Im suppose to hold everything inside, because its not time to let go. My fathers dying of cancer. Todays his 5th week in the hospital. How do you expect me to hold everything without letting go.
If time could be rewound, I would rewind ten years past To see you one more time, and tell you what you’ve missed I know you’re up there somewhere Out of sight But I want to hear your voice, I want a kiss goodnight
Looking around, I am the girl that people don't point out, Until that day when my hair started falling out. I was the white girl who lived a perfect life, I had a bright future and a fella to make me his wife.
Behind me trails the overcast fading into a storm. I came so far from where I began. Adulthood began with a raging shower packed with lightening, thunder, vigorous winds and darkness.
Challenges we face But we make the pace The answers inside they lie But the time we cannot buy Sometimes it takes time Letting it settle is no crime
I do not understand Why people want what they cannot have Why people treat the ones closest bad Why people demand respect when they give none in return
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