Time is...



Time is a luxury I’ve never had

At six I was left with only a Dad


The clock is always ticking

Mom and dad were always bickering


The hands keep moving round and round

Mom’s head bleeding, her hands bound


The clock still ticks above the bed

As Mom drops to the floor…dead


Her eyes are open but cannot see

I shy away from the scene before me


No longer can I sit and stare

In a corner breathing as loud as I dare,


I sit on the floor,

Facing the door






Someone, somewhere,

Will find me there


I can hear the sirens in the distance

As I sit in the corner contemplating my existence


Never before had I considered taking my own life

It would be so easy just to grab a knife


I stand up and walk over to the drawer

Which contained the very thing that I strived for


The door burst open with police all around

A woman hushed me, told me not to make a sound


She said everything would be all right

As she looked around the room and took in the sight


The broken glass scattered across the floor

And the battered and broken front door


My mother’s lifeless body still lying where it fell

My home and my life have become hell


Time is a luxury I’ve never had

Now and forever I say “Goodbye Dad.”



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