Tick Tock


Woodside, New York
64th Street
United States
40° 37' 30.9252" N, 73° 59' 55.3092" W

Tick Tock

Time is a funny idea
It seems to be the roadrunner
the coyote never catches
And it manages to keep you
running the road

Tick Tock

Time isn't the hour hand,
nor Is it the minute hand

Tick Tock

Time is measured but it's
Presently, time is the
molasses running down the
ageing oak tree

In hindsight, time is a
dandelion whose seeds seem
to float away
Oh, so easily.

Tick Tock

And although time may be
never ending on the man
made clock

Time will surely seize the man himself.

Tick Tock


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