keep trying

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Writing washes clean the sins of my heart. Giving voice to the good, bad, and ugly parts. Allows me to share times when I swam with sharks. I get lost in it, stopping is the hard part.  I have been to some dark places that are hard to revisit. Enc
I refuse to accept "I can't." Those two words are the same as "I won't." and "I quit." There are no quitters. There is only "I can." and "I will." "I quit." is a joke.
I could, but do not, break I could bend under the pressure I could give up and sit down, exhausted
I was always told, If at first you don't succeed, Try try again, And if you try again, But do not succeed, Never give up hope, On what awaits tomorrow, Because those who wait,
Trees showing the force of my words. Humans scream like banshees being exposed to sunlight. Running through these lies like a sprinter running for destiny. Souls are groaning & moaning for overdue freedom they were promised. WhoSaiditwouldBeas
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