Those Moments


You know those moments

When you just want the world to leave you alone,

When the littlest things make you break down in tears,

When there's so many things you want to say, but you don't know how to say them,

When you just wish someone would understand how you feel, but you don't want to tell them how much pain you're in,

When you feel so alone,

When your heart feels like broken glass,

When you're watching everyone else living happily, but you're in pain,

When you feel like all the happiness you once had has been replaced by hurt and sadness,

When you look in the mirror and hate what you see,

When you think another bottle or another puff will take the pain away, but the high doesn't last forever,

When you have a happy dream, but then you wake up in the same sad situation,

When you're mind wanders and you think about only bad things,

When you love someone so much, when you miss someone so much, that it hurts,

When you've hoped and been let down,

When you've cared too much, trusted too much, and you get heartbreak,

You know those moments?


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