That Thing

Who are you?

You are not my mother today.

We do not know what you will do,

The children must leave

So they are safe.


"Safe from what?", the little ones ask,

"that is my mommy that you keep from me!"

It hurts to see them so confused,

but it needs to be done, they don't understand.


Twisted swords fall out of your mouth,

Your sisters are enemies,

Your husband is worst.

You want to take your children away

to protect them from their dad. 


Your actions are jumbled,

They're not making sense.

And your children are silently crying,

because they need their mother back!


There are so many things that you do,

I took them for granted while you were around.

Now that you have to leave,

I don't know what to do!


I'm so confused and hurt;

But it isn't your fault, really.

I feel betrayed, by what?

I suppose not you, for you can't control, 

That thing, the cruel thing that steals you from us for a time.

I love you Mom!

Come back to us soon, for I need you!

Oh, I need you, so please escape from that thing,

That thing,








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