These Walls


These walls
surround me.
They box me in and drown me.
I’m floating down the river that flows from my eyes. - My life is so boring I forgot that I died
I tried
To make it work.
But it wasn’t worth all the pain,
The first thought in my brain was that these walls
Would hide me.
They bury me and blind me
From the light that shines and the heat that dries me.
I’m denying
That the passion that drives me
Could be wrong.
This song
Is too long.
I’ve drawn every character on my skin.
From chin to heel,
I can feel
Every lyric carved into the paper so thin.
You win.
I give up.
There is too much wine in my cup
And the wine too bitter.
I hate to litter,
But as I climb this wall,
I promise
You won’t be able to catch me when I fall.
I built a prison only I can destroy.
It’s a joy
Flying from my walls into the darkness calling.
So when they find me, floating out at sea,
Don’t you dare
Let them bury me.
No walls, no more boxes.
Let them all see.
Let them build a statue
That says
“Death emancipated me.”


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