Them and Me

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 19:47 -- ksisk14


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“Them”,” us”. “Us”, “we”.

By “them” I mean “us”, and by “us” I mean me.

But I also mean “them”.

Them, us. We, me.

The mentally ill that we be.

No real distinction between the “them” and the “me”, the” us” and the “we”.

The broken and hurting, the restricting, the purging,

The hand downs the throat, escaping the evil,

The secret, the lies, the hiding from people.

The blood, and the fear, the trauma, the tears,

There’s not so much difference between the “them” and the “me”.

The bones that are aching, the risks that we’re taking,

The dreams and the hopes of the “them” and the “me”.

Hoping that someone someday we can be.

Us them, them we, we them, us me.

By them I mean us, and by us I mean me.

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