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Just one short embrace Enough to make me crave more You walk far away I can't seem to remember A time you were here with me
Grounding me, similar to the acts of a ship’s anchor You are my stability. Anxiously waiting to hit land,  We met,  like wave greeting beach
Words so sweet never tempted to escape these lipsAs I blow the breezed flowered utterances to youI must ponder in direAre my expressions suffocating?Are my advances tiring?And I must hope in earnest
She’s my rock, my other half, Always there to cheer me up, And make me laugh.   We met in preschool, the year 2001 She thought of me as the weird shy girl I thought of her as happy as the sun.  
This is exactly whatI didn't want to happenYou and me, fightingI guess I knew, deep down insideWe'd end in flamesNot that I want that,But that's were we're headedUnless we can do something
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