'self' 'reflection' 'change' 'year' 'old' 'new'

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Broken fragments pieced together, is this who I am meant to be? Little pair of hands and circuits working, crafting what seems to be a part of me.
This year was but a spinning top, back and forth, it'll slowly rock, until your knees fall to the ground, it continues to take you around and around.   This year was but a song to be sung,
What shaped this past year for you? Well, everything really Everything that I see and everything that I do  
A passing thought, And Arguments overfought. They entagled the mind with works of all kind, But not a single that could fix what had been done. Though the damaged healed, And past agression repealed,
Love it. Love how solid the ground is underneath you. Eat it- Drink it- The air that blankets around you. Never let it go-
This is it,  It's finally here. After testing stress, It's my final year. High school was fun, Not at all what I thought it would be. Junior year made me strong,
I. January to June - In Sickness and Health She.She was my bravery,a touch to my soulconsoling the acheof being rejectedwithout the truth everbeing told.
It had taken my friends away, and now- it wanted to take me too.
Now that I've made amends This heart searches for feelings to give This isn't the end I will outlive These words will stay true and will relieve  
Who Was I? A weak guy, a scared guy, a shy guy, but a nice guy.   Who am I? Louder, prouder, thick skinned, more wins. Tougher, rougher,
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