The Teachers Job

STOP! Interrogating me,

treat this classroom as if it was the business world!

 You people claim we are young adults,

preparing us the college but professor won’t baby us,

questioning us, asking where homework or two page papers at!

The money… is on the line,

so careless about the students that want to waste time

because they pay check won’t be as much,

when they fail to realize that education is life,

 and our grades is the keys to every door that awaits us,

And when the time flies, the school bell ring why wonder why students are late?

STUDENTS! Only around the age of 16/17 rarely drive their selves to school,

So ask the parents that carry us in their cars with their license why were we late?

Or you can just treat it like the business world and deducted it from my check, my grades and move on,

not disrupting your lesson! But corrupting my education,

My education that will make or break me,

My education that you don’t have to worry about because you already graduate with your and have a teaching degree!

My personal problem shouldn’t effected you because I walk in my own shoes

And mothering was for the women that birth me,

So understand that your job is to teach and whether we get it or not,

you get paid,

so move on in life as the teacher that you…was MADE!


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