Teacher, Teacher


Teacher, teacher
I'm not sure if you know
My mind may be open
But my heart remains closed
Teacher, teacher
Please, just hear me out
There are so many things
I need to talk about
Teacher, teacher
I can't fall asleep
I've been holding so much inside
And it's so hard to keep
Teacher, teacher
I can't seem to focus
I'm falling apart
You don't really notice
Teacher, teacher
Why can't I smile?
I just want to leave
Disappear for a while
Teacher, teacher
I just have to talk
I need you to reach out
But your opinions are locked
Teacher, teacher
I feel so alone
It'd be easier to leave
You wouldn't have know
Teacher, my teacher
I don't think I'm worth it
There is nothing I can do
I just want to sleep for a bit
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