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I had been hoping for an affair with a lady who had a trim figure And a sassy countrywoman got my number from the dating agency She was the last person I had expected to call me,
What thoughts come to your mind when I stay out late? Do you have a feeling that I am seeing someone else? You went to the drive-in cinema with your friend. I knew that she would tell you bad things about me.
I cried when you left but not for the reasons you think, I no longer had to deal with you and at first I believed it to stink, You and I had so much history, But the reasons shouldn't have come as a big mystery,
Waking up in the morning Gazing at the room’s blank design Look out at neighbors Their happy behaviors
He can only see what he remembersHe can only rememberThat which he wishes to forget
At first I thought you were diamond embedded And then I saw how imperfectly you were created You willow crying like you lost perfection And some of us see your little perfect complexions
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