Take Me Home


What’s this poem about?

Oh just take me home

It’s just another shout


Into the world

I’m just trying to be heard


Is the only way

We as humans

Have learned

To save our souls

And to remain ourselves

Can you help me find my way home?

I set sail

Off to a place

Of my only creation

And it’s oh so spacious

Empty like me

And I’m sorry

If I’m trying too hard

I didn’t mean to bombard


With my emotions

I seem to always cause a commotion

Can you help me find my way home?

I’ve been alone

For what feels like forever

Walking this road

On my own

It’s all I’ve ever known

Can you help me find my way home?

I think it’s near

I think I can hear—

The TV’s on!

There’s mother talking loudly

Love is pouring out of her

There’s father smiling

A twinkle can found in his eyes

There’s brother laughing

A sound so relaxing

The sinks has been left running

Clothes tumbling around

In the dryer

The porch lights

Remind me

Of the light

At the end of a tunnel

A constant reminder of hope

I shut my eyes

I am home 


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