The Sun Doesn't Need To Shine

You plan a future, though it's not promised to come.

You plant seeds in your yard, but for weeks, the sun hasn't shun. 

You know what you like, and know what you do,

They're never the same, it's even obvious to you. 

Late at night, when the candles are lit, you blow out the flame and for tonight you are safe.

There's no light in the dark, nothing you can see.

It almost reminds you, there's nothing for you to be. 

You wait for the sun,

It's almost never to come.

Do you see what you do? How you let life drag you along?

You don't need the sun to shine it's way through, 

Not when you can make a light come from within you. 

Tomorrow may not come, and today may end too quick, 

Do what you like, and say what you think. 

Treat yourself kindly, and be the best you can be. 

There's no need for a light to help lead the way,

You choose your own path, you are your own shine. 



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