suicide thoughts

Those thoughts in your head,
Came from people who dont understand
They came at you with comments,
That had you sad for a moments
Then you thought and questioned
"Am i really this much of a disappointment?"
You act all confused and try to
ignore all the stuff,
They said to you
You try to be strong,
But it's hard when those comments
start to follow you
Tears run down your face,
you start to believe everything they say
Sitting and bawling in a corner
The words-Gay, fat, slut, whore,etc.- start to linger in your head
You find a razor....
You tell you yourself no,
but the razor seems to tell you "you deserve it give everyone what they want and just do it!"
You press down on your skin
Seeing the blood,
Seems to ease the pain
And all those comments seem to fade away
Then you think about what your family may think..
So you cut again
You got so pissed the first time
That cutting become your addiction
Like drugs take away people pain
Cutting took away yours
When you get addicted theres no stopping it
Cuz now
You have the urge to do it everyday
Trying to hide the scars on your arms
Theres too many
So you cut in a different place
Marks all over your body
When you look in the mirror
You get disguisted and turn away
You cry and cut again
But this time you cut
So you wont live again
You succeeded
Now boom your dead
Your cause...
bleeding to death
You think now that your dead
Theres no more pain and no more stress
You can finally be free and yourself again
Those suicide thoughts
shouldn't be implanted in your head!
What people say to you hurts
But cutting shouldnt be
the only option for you!

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