The Struggling Can Only Be Strong For So Long

Words are thrown out to hate,
Before it can be stopped, it's already too late
They cut deep, from flesh to bone,
All you can do is sit and try to get alone.
A feeble smile is what you fake,
But your last bit of strength is what they take.
You clench your fists and fight the tears,
You can see it's coming true, all your fears.
You want to yell and you want to scream,
This isn't right, this has to be a dream.
You feel your body crumble beneath,
You need to get away, you need to leave.
You stand up straight and you drag your feet,
Your head held low, stumbling into defeat.
Once alone you let your anger unleash,
You know what you have become, a beast.
You slit your wrists welcoming the pain,
This isn't alright, this isn't a game.
They all played with your heart and feelings for so long,
Now it's time, you finally know you want to be gone.
You dig the blade deeper like their words did,
Flesh to bone, you want to die, who can you kid?
The blood flow quickens and the heart begins to race,
This is your time, this is your place.
You set the blade down and go to the sink,
You open the cabinet of pills and begin to think.
Not about living, not about hope,
You just want to end it all, there is no way to cope.
Your shaking hands reach up high,
They grab some bottles, you're ready to die.
It's no longer scary or frightening at all,
You're welcoming to death, you're welcoming the fall.
It's then you hear pounding at the door,
Shivering and shaking you fall to the floor.
There's blood all around and pills in your hand,
This was not at all what you originally planned.
The pounding gets louder and you hear the door snap,
It's then you see me, about to fall in your lap.
I take the pills from your hand and see your sad face,
I start to cry because I've been in your place.
I wrap my arms around your quivering shoulders,
Our sobs in sync as I feel your coldness.
I reach for a rag from under the stand,
And gently press it to your wrists to stop the blood bath.
I caress your head as you lay your cheek against mine,
"Oh sweetie" I tell you, "You're going to be just fine."
I whisper so softly into your ear,
"Don't worry about anything anymore, I'll be right here."
I wrap you up tightly and lift you into my arms,
I take you to my car where you can do no more harm.
I look at your pale face and dark sleep deprived eyes,
I know this look too well, I can't even pretend to deny.
I barely know you but I care more than you'd believe,
Because I know what it's like to have all hope leave.
I caress your sorrow filled face,
I wish I could take you to a better internal place.
I tell you, "I hope you know that you're not the only one,
There are others out there just waiting to be found.
People are struggling from hate, depression, and all,
Instead of letting words win, find a friend to call."
You give a faint smile which brings joy to my heart,
"Thank you" you say, "Your kind words have already left a mark."
I feel another tear roll down my cheek,
"Honey, I know what it feels like to be so weak.
And I know happiness feels like a forever wait,
But I want you to always remember, it's never too late."

Suicide is real and needs to be controlled,
What are YOU going to do to help out our crumbling world?


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