Stick it in Me

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 20:45 -- tlang


Do you feel that? 

That feeling of pure satisfaction and highness?

Oh, how I love that feeling. 

The feeling of the liquid being push into my viens, 

  that sensation of knowing that the pain and suffering will leave. 

My family and friends worry about me, 

  they hate this disease inside of me. 

Killing me, taunting me, even making me go mad. 

I wonder if the person who used the needle last 

  knew that they had this disease that I carry now?

My wife left me because of this disease, 

  she was afraid of the disease. 

Afraid she would catch it too. 

I do not think about her, 

  I only think about the needle. 

It is all I ever want now. 

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