Is it because me and my gurl dropped out

Our sophmore year of high school, for

becoming 16 yr. parents?

Was it us taking that risk?

Or was it life we decided to miss?

Was it the little life I helped to create?

Through that I was determine to make it!

Was it her being recovering drug addict?

As a result it was HIV she contracted!

Shall she decide to go back down that road of

wieriness, or shall she continue to have that heart of bitterness?

Was it him being a dead beat dad?

or was it him taking it out on me and momma because

he was pissed off and mad?

selling dope,being alcoholic, and pimpin'

was the choice he made, but that 10 yr. long sentence was the price

daddy had t pay! 

Knowing my older brother and sister got up at 4:00 am in the morning, just to get me

ready for school, as they packed my lunched and picked out my clothes

I stayed often rude!!

Though we struggle to make it and

there will be obstacles to overcome, and walls

we must tare down, but never face your fears with a frown!!!

I know we are surrounded by crooks, hoes, pimps, and thieves

but its time to give all that up, and become

one master piece


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