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i am not a hotel. don’t pack your bags only to stay a week or twodon’t come to me only when you need somewhere to get away from everythingi am not a hotel.i am a home.let me be your home.
This poem is directed towards my eldest brother... who has been on a heavy drug addiction for the past year. He has a 5 year old son who he barely sees and has got himself in a lot of trouble with the law. Hour Glass of Tracks
Is it because me and my gurl dropped out Our sophmore year of high school, for becoming 16 yr. parents? Was it us taking that risk? Or was it life we decided to miss?
  My images were distorted, a played out fiction book of torn pages and darken memories. A scripture that I will never forget,
Always dreaming, always wishing Wishing apon a shooting star Star bright lead me to the light Light that helps me see the future Future so far but yet so close Close enough to become a manager
He makes promises that are well kept and groomed and I don’t forget about them awarding him with credibility; closing my eyes to any negativity about him. Nothing is definite,
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