Because I love you Contest

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Coming to you LIVE from my jail cell This is what my tale tells Of a girl, sweet and innocent who knew real well Started from a flipped witch to causing someone real hell
The stars in the skies aligned. The infinite universe smiled. In a second, our eyes met, And everlastingly, sparks flied.   Our stardust souls intertwined.
Because I love you, Your privacy is yours to keep Your friends and your mind too In sickness and in health I’ll stay and never make you weep  
"Why?"     A toothy grin plus a peckNo care about slightly chapped lipsOr breath from the dinnerFixed as a surprise    
Because I love you, I chose to drown in the sorrows of this pain- To observe the light from afar Because I love you, I've finally found true love The smile of two people, Bound to tomorrow and
Because I love you, Emptying out my heart to you doesn’t seem as scary, Caring and loving you comes with ease, Adoring you comes naturally,
I think about the way he grins. The morning light cuts through, not nearly as bright as him.  I never saw someone so happy to simply greet the day.  He laugh, pointing out
Because I love you I give you all I have Becuase I love you I work day and night Because I love you I'll be your hand to hold Even though my heart grows cold Because loving you takes all my might
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