Sun, 11/22/2015 - 21:06 -- ktbozer

We always knew that the day when we


would come.

I will always have the scars from you.

The good ones,

when we would play on your floor,

when I was 5 and you were 8.

You were the superhero in my life.

You saved the day when I was crying.

You made me smile

through the shining streaks on my face.

That was then, and now we are here.

You are moving out of my life,

Everyone says that we will still keep in touch.

They say we will because of our good relationship.

They apparently don’t know life.

They haven’t seen people split up,

even when people are as close as you and me.

We will never be the same.

We will try, but fail,

just the same as all those before us.

I know you are capable of leaving mom and dad,

and so can I,

but can you leave me

after all we have been through,

all the times you were my superhero,

all the times you taught me how to make it in this world,

this life of blazing fire,

this fire that engulfs us and tears us apart.

This pain with you leaving,

it makes me want to tear my skin off,

layer by layer,

all the way until I am open and bleeding,

completely vulnerable to the elements and the whole world,

in such pain.

But that would feel better.

This pain when I even think of you leaving,

makes me want to pull on your arms,

back like when we were 5 and 8,

and keep you from going out the door of my life.

People ask me,

will you miss him when he is gone?

I almost break down every time they ask that question.

I replied with a simple

“Is that even a question?”

I will hurt,

I will scream,

I will cry until I have no salty water in my body left.


I will always think about the days

when I was 5 and you were 8,

when we laughed,

you made me smile,

and we couldn’t ever have dreamed about this day.

You will always be my one true superhero.





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My family
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