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I have joy, not happiness but joy.  
Deafness or blindness:
The wind begins to blow The trees start singing A leaf gently breaks free And so it is beginning   The leaf floats through the trees Across meadows and fields Into a farmers yard
I catch myself analyzing every little detail around me
Ten years old, bushy-haired and bright, full of endless fluidity  from her years of practiced dance   A little butterball of seven with an angel's face, a devil's sharp tongue,
I lost myself in the sky I found a smile passing by I missed a moment I should've seen But that's how I've always been
Feeling the fall breezes go through my body and swirl in my hair are things that swell my heart on a cold autumn day. Getting together with family and friends are what makes the season worth living through.
    A new school year is different for few   Almost all kids wakE up at 7:30  
The sun leaves us, Mother nature‘s call Beauty surrounds us, All the leaves fall   Football fans cheer, Trips to the pumpkin patch Spooky stories you will hear,
Feeling free makes me happy. I love driving with the windows down. Singing horribly at the top of my lungs, Disney songs Country songs Any songs. Feeling loved makes me happy.
According to Webster, passion is a noun, It is a strong feeling of excitement for something, It is a strong feeling that causes one to act in a dangerous way, It is an attachment or devotion to something.  
Why live solely by the bible, When it fills you full of hate. You'll only destroy, No ability to create. Endless sleepless nights, Questioning beliefs, But you have to keep your head down,
"Teachers don't make much money." "Early Childhood Educators make practically no money." "Day Care providers make less than doormen." I hear it. I hear it. I hear it all. Yet the promise of money,
Early mornings and late nights,
My home is not a house
It all begun as soon as I walked into that place, Many standing beside me, I certainly was not just another lonely face. I turned and looked around, noticing my heart beating out of my chest,
This heart is at peace, finally. It has been one hell of a journey.
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