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Society Intervenes

Society says

People listen

People think

Society intervenes with our acumen

Society says we have to think or be a certain way

People listen to what society says

People think we have to be a certain way or do certain things

Society judges

Society makes

People are

People need

Society judges others on what really doesn’t matter.

Society makes people feel unsatisfactory toward them selves

People are like snowflakes, they are all different and cannot be duplicated

People need to be themselves

We are

We shouldn’t

We shouldn’t

We are

We are the best of nature, all beautiful and brave

We shouldn’t let others judge us, or make us feel unsatisfactory

We shouldn’t letting society intervene with us any more

We are free to feel or do whatever we want

We are

We shouldn’t

We Shouldn’t

We are

    -  Andrew Kosters

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