The Social World


Ha, you really want to know what makes a girl like me TICK


ANY and EVERY one whos afraid to be them self

Scared to be themself because of what someone might think

Oh I have to be this size, or wear these jordans 

Claiming to be "ORIGINAL" 

Not knowing that you're just like

The  gilr right next to you, or the guy across the street, 

Ha, you're just like evryone else!

Now I can't blame you 

Who am I to talk I'm 1 rising senior, omly 17 

No name brand clothing, With a curly wild bush 

Who am I to talk

I'm just a girl that weigh some 100 plus pounds

Again who am I to talk


I'm the girl who dosen't try to fit in with the social world we have today

Hell yeah , I said it, I still love my fried chicken,

Or what you may call it "THE DEVIL'S FOOD"

Hell Naw, I'm not getting them Jordans that come out Saturday

That they Claim to the "Hottest Shoe of the YEAR"

Well didn't they say that in Feburary?

They I say ? Yes They, That damn social world 

The world that have our little girls twerking, or our little bouys disrespecting women

Telling them that that's the way of life

That's What TICK me off a 5'6 teenager, who's discovered

Everyone else is taken so I can't be anyone BUT ME

So to HELL with the social world 



Hopefully others, will see where i'm coming fropm, and I'm not saying everybody follows the social word, but some do. So please comment and tell me your thoughts. Hopefully I'll find a way to upload a video. 

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