Secretly I give so much yet

Most won't or will notice

Because they see a quiet,

Fragile girl with no voice.


Indeed I do not say a lot,

But they will always have those

Eyes, those awful glances

Piercing my body and soul


That everyday occurrence

Still continues to irritate me

From morning to night I want to

Hide myself from every human


“It’s only curiosity they have”

“They are thinking only

About themselves”

My mother has stated


Scars may draw curiosity

Stares may be unintentional

It does not mean gaze upon

My history, my body


Well hidden under a

Million sleeves every

Day in public, at times

It drives me crazy


My laughter of absurd humor

From my strange friends,

My smile of great happiness

From favorite films and music


My clapping of satisfaction

Of seeing amazing performances,

My odd expressions I reveal for laughter

From my family and friends I love


My screaming of deep pain no one knows

About nor will they unless I slam a door,

My frown of pointless sadness I make

To programs and events not relative to me


My stress I do not show so others

Do not need to worry

My annoyance of everyone around

Me to whom I have to speak


They all cannot fight and break

Free to the public unless I

Uncover my sleeves.

I can do it if it’s the right day


A great wish for myself

As a mere teen is society to

Accept what some may have,


We might seem a little

Different from the outside

Or behave unusually but

Still, we have pain and emotion.


I may have

Been born


Delicate, but


I am certainly

Not weak to

Do what I

Wish and want.


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