Silver Rain


Silver rain cascades down my face,

Dripping, drizzling, drip-dropping,

Slipping and sliding through my slick, black hair,

Dazzling and gliding through the frigid air,

Reflecting the light of a night post,

Keeping guard over the street as it shows the way,

As the slivers of water drizzle down.


Shimmering like diamonds,

In the light of the post,

Each drop freezing to the bone,

As it splashes down on my pale skin,

Filling the air with an array of music,

Filling it with drips, drops, and splashes,

And I walk through the streets,

As the slivers of that silver water,

Drizzle down.


I walk these empty roads a broken man,

As this silver water covers my scars,

Walking along side my shadow alone,

Walking as I breathe into the frozen air,

And clouds fly from my lips,

And they float away without a care,

The crisp calling of the mid-night wind,

Carries them away,

As slivers of that fridged rain,

Drizzle down my lonely body.


Lights shimmer in the silver rain,

Crawling down my shivering body,

Fueling my sorrowful tears,

As the lights fade from my eyes,

And I collapse from the selfish cries,

And the rain drowns my hateful lies,

As slivers of that murderous rain,

Drizzle down that empty shell.


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