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Shuck-Lily cuts herself and, by God, I'm back in love again, This is not my responsibility, So why am I tending to you like an animal?  
Dear Snow, You probably don't remember me. I'm the last dwarf- Silence. Doesn't really roll off the tongue like the others, you know. Now when my brothers first brought you home,
I didn't know I didn't know It's not my fault but I should have known.   I was there I saw it all I watched you fall and I didn't care.   And now I live
I think I made a mistake It's not that I meant to be mean It's just that I wanted the tension to break It was just one little mannerism not meant to be seen She gave me this look
You preach your theories, teach your lies.
The crack of a cackling bullet Shattered the life and the sanctum of thought Which held me up, assisted and created me But left me when I needed it the most   The scream of a dying soul
I'm not o
You were taken too soon my friend And I sit here and wonder  Why your life had to end Like the rolling of thunder    My one regret is not responding In the month of November
I am a real piece of work And that much about me will never change I’ll change the world with words The same way you changed me You made me a worrier Excuse me
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