Sh*t You Really Can't Say To Your Teacher

Sat, 10/12/2013 - 12:52 -- 4straka


You really can say anything you want to your teacher

Wait, I take that back, don't call her a ugly creature

And if you do and want to get on her good side 

Don't swear or you'll get on the wrong side of the Jekyll and Hyde


You really can speak freely, you were given the right

But, you weren't given the right to spit on her and fight

Remember young one you are just a kid

You won't be able to feed her to your imaginary giant squid


You can get grounded and suspended if you wish

But then your mama will slap you with a fish

De jure she can tell your teacher to do the same

But, then your friends will think that you are lame


Fortunately we don't live off of our hypothalamus

That way we can be relaxed under the calamus

So remember dude to remember you ain't got no grit

Because kid you know what you can't say to your teacher: Sh*t






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