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Tacks Zacky steped on a crack his mother Wacky broke her back witch made Clacky fall back down down back to town to get some Tacks tacks for thier tacky board  and Tacks for wackys corns
It’s not you… It’s me… No, no, no-- It’s most certainly the other way around! Listen, sweetheart… I love you But you need to change, first.  
I start small, though with many causes. Bad choices made in the woods, or in houses. An electrical short, a discarded match Left behind cig, that unleashed my wrath. I grow, multiple, feast on all in my path!
"Shush" "Shove your degree in something other than my face" "I'm defying you" "We all copied Rachel's problem set last night" "Your class is a joke" "How are you married"
Don't judge me for who I am! For what I believe or where I stand Don't Judge me for how I look! For there's more hidden inside this book Don't judge me for my friends! For their means define their own ends
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