Shrieks of paroxysm

Sitting round the table waiting for Dad to join us,
Me and my mom spent two hours gazing at the main entrance
Hoping the door bell would ring
And dad would come home spring me up in his strong arms
And I would glisten the air above my head.
yes! It finally rang.
I rushed to open the door and gave his long legs a big hug
I could smell alcohol all over his clothes
He was too drunk just as any other day
I knew it was going to be tough for my mom now
Tears trickled down my little eyes
Seeing mom Frozen in front of him
Without uttering a word, surrendering to his abuses.
Flashback of our happy days rolled in front of my moistened eyes
I missed my 'happy dad' who loved me like his princess
But today we were mere commodities with no feelings
And our pains priceless.
It was fine until the moment he slapped mom, she fell to the floor
And on her snow-white cheeks, a darkened mark of his palm.
I rushed to console her and wipe off those tears, but
Dad held me captive in his strong hands
Locked me inside a room
And banging the door was all I could do.
I heard her crying for help
Those shrieks echoed in the house
Yes, a house which was someday a home.
I crawled up to the bed and tucked my head inside the blanket
In an attempt to overhear all the cries
I could not bear the screams of her who gave me birth
This happened everyday.

My mom and me were caged birds
Inside my dad's mansion
Where alcohol ruled and he was it's slave.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Jan Wienen

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