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i hope that someday i can change not just for a moment  but true change when i don’t feel these things when i can overlook those words which have disrupted my peace
i thought they would come and go  but dark thoughts have come to stay  the light has become dimmer and the faint glow continues to be overpowered 
were those promises ever true i am no longer sure this emptiness has remained in me for too long your words do not bring me comfort anymore
Innocence was on the verge of breaking as the bills were paid and emotions were shaking. The words "if only" stung the air as she breathed deeply with
“You’re good at being you”Why does that make my heartStop “You’re so extra”Why does that warm my cheeks I’m garbage“At least you’re hot garbage”This shouldn’t tie my affections to you
I don't know if I'm anxious or depressed or suicidal or really if I even exist.   All I know is  nothing seems real and all I can feel is the absolute lack of feeling.  
"Footsteps through the fire But I don't feel a thing  Burning even brighter I sour on angel wings Down in a ditch I can see the light If I could only reach I try with all my might
"A battle within a battle  A heart within a heart I'd be lost without you I don't know where to start But as I look away My anger turns to shame To yell would not be right 
It stands just past the edge of my vision, A thought, a shadow, a fear But it’s got no ground, no provision To retain a presence so near   If all to be afraid of is fear
My love is a chemical, a pulse, and a shock.   My heart is just meat beaten tender.   When I  throw up my hands they are only  bones in a row,
We seem to fill up empty spaces We try to weave certain instances Being reluctant can't improve every chances, In every realm, not all the time we find happiness Be adroit as the world is changing everyday
Why do people need The presence of a god To do what's right? Why can't they do The right thing Just for the sake of being good? Is someone really good If they only do good things
Seasonal breeze, please slide in my window, Flow through my hair and take away the pain of cramping fingers. I love my big brain, but with the way it’s being endowed
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