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Why can't I talk as much as I want to I feel as though I'm the sun that got eclipsed by the moon Engulfed by the shadows is too much for me to handle
  i tend to avoid other humans why? because i cannot interact well with them and when i interact with them they always want to have small talks
“Yes, you met an introvert”   They said, she’s not a call person She was counting on you to find her telephone wire.   
Mom always worked, leaving me in care of a grandmother.
Sorry I know you're just trying to be friendly cause you're a friendly person And I know talking to me can be like talking to an automated answer machine with all my standard automatic answers
Awkward man, awkward manners. Awkward man gets on the Internet. Awkward man conversates with fans of a show. Awkward man is a fan of a show, A show involving animated and colorful ponies.
Killing time. trying to get people to understand me. but they can not. Just like i can not understand them. Every man is an island. seperated from all by the oceans of our skulls. trapped in our heads.
I am an Aspie and I am proud To be so strange and to be so loud. Despite others trying to quiet me I stood out unique and boldly.   I am an Aspie and I am an introvert.
Taking a road, A road down uncharted territory,  From a flower blooming  to a restless seed. A silly child, know-it-all wondering amioulsy and understandingly feeling tall; 
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